Do you hear what I hear?

These past weeks have been extraordinary. We have been looking at re-launch after 2 ½ months in lock down. We endured shortages, line-ups, reduced freedoms, instability in the market etc. We may not be aware that these are typical happenings of 3rd world countries. We realize just how privileged we are to be in this country. Yet, the serious outbreaks of COVID have made us aware of the dismal state that many of our senior citizens are forced to live in. While still under the shadow of COVID-19 another issue has remerged as the world watch the execution of George Floyd. In a very short period of time people have responded in demonstrations all over the world. With the benefit of phone cameras, videos and pictures are readily available to allow people to witness almost first hand the abuses members of the Black Community have been experiencing for generations. We are breaking the silence.

The call for social change is now being heard. Closer to home, the LGBTQ community gained further recognition when just lack week the Calgary City Council voted to ban conversion therapy. We have come along way from the abuses and denial of rights that many in the Gay and Lesbian community experienced. I am thinking of the Me Too movement that brought to light the sexual abuse women experienced from powerful men who felt entitled.

Society is changing rapidly. We still have way to go though. We may feel that we have nothing to offer other then marching in the streets. There are ways to support the movement in ways that bring about lasting change. I am thinking of Martin Luther King, Dorothy Day, Rosa Parks and Mahatma Gandhi as I write this blog. These people did extraordinary actions very simply. They give us a model of social action and reform that last. Our own Christian traditions remind us of how Jesus did much with very little. See Matthew 14:13–21, Mark 6:30–44, Luke 9:10–17, John 6:1–15. Jesus did not do the miracles alone he was helped by the willingness of those who gave what they had.

We need to recognize that with privilege comes responsibility. We must use our privileged position to help others achieve justice. See diversity as a strength and a gift. Be informed about the issues in your neighbourhood. Support businesses in your community that are owned by minorities and disadvantaged groups. Look for friends who are different from you. Rather being offended at something you hear be willing to be challenged especially if what you hear is true. The social issues we hear today are not new and will take time but we can do our part.

So, what are your hearing today? How do you feel the Church is being called to 'do their part'? What small things are you doing to do your part? Send comments, I would love to hear from you!

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